Hey I'm Dominikus Frank, currently I am studying Strategic Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Schwäbisch Gmünd.

About Me

Studying strategic design (MA) and product design (BA), I found my passion in creating products and services which actually solve user needs. Developing my ideas is a quite conceptional and organized process in which I try to involve as many user insights I can gather through interviews, test and basic desktop research. Thanks to my six month internship at Bosch Power Tools in the user experience section I could focus on learning a lot about user centered design and how to solve needs.
The difference between needs and problems was presented to me by a teacher in Lund, Sweden where I did my exchange Semester in 2016. For me, a problem is something quite basic like I’m often lost in a new city or even in my home town. The solution could be as simple as taking my smartphone and open google maps to check where I have to go. The need otherwise could be something much more complex. Maybe my need is not just knowing where I want to go now, but actually enhancing my sense of direction to get to know the city better to find my own way to the destination I want to get to. (link to my project “Guess where…)
Having insights in UX design through my internship at Bosch I decided to make an extra semester at my uni in Schwäbisch Gmünd to learn a lot more about interaction design. So I took a course called interface design and one called invention design. In invention design, I developed the project House ID together with Robert Mayer, with whom I’ll do my bachelor semester in the ongoing semester.

Please feel free to contact me at hello@dominikus-frank.com if you want to have an inspiring conversation.

My way — so far

In the map above you can see where I have learned a lot about good design. Divided into three categories: Studies, Internships and Workshops/Awards.