House ID

A smart house documentation to plan efficiently and work safely in the fields of craftsmen.

The main idea of the HouseID is that one can have stored all important information regarding his house or apartment in one place. These basic data include the floor plan, the wires in walls and floors as well as pipes. More important is that you can access these informations with your smartphone via an augmented reality function.
Want to drill a hole in the wall to attach this new fancy shelf you just bought? Check if there is a cable going through the spot you want to drill the hole.

The Concept

To get a better understanding of what the HouseID is designed to do you can have a look at the illustration above.
The basis of everything are the users. The craftsmen and the people living in the apartment. Using the tools we provide (magnifying glass) the user can detect elements hidden in the walls such as cables and pipes. This data can be saved (cloud) and will be processed within the application (iPad) to give the user the information he needs.
All this is developed by the house ID (House Logo).

First Documentaion

Accessing the data one wants to get, it has to be documented and saved first. Modern buildings are more and more planned and designed with digital software and 3d models including all wires, pipes and a detailed floorplan. With our application the HouseID can convert all this data and save it in it's own storage to make it accessible for the user. If you live in a older building which doesn’t have any data yet you can use a case for your smartphone to scan the floor plan (see above) or even the hidden wires in the wall with radar detection sensorik.

AR Function

If you want to know where a cable or pipe is going through the wall you can simply check it in the AR section of the application. The elements you want to see will be added into the real time picture.
Here you can highlight specific parts to see and understand the way it's laying in the wall.
In the plan section you can see everything within the floor plan to get an overview.

New Documentation

After you or your craftsman has changed something in the apartment one has to update the data stored in the HouseID. This is simply done with an additional phone case or other connected measurement tools by hovering over the changed area and following the cable or pipe which has been changed.

Looking ahead

To make the HouseID even more efficiently we will ad functions such as the import of plans made by the architect to skip the first documentation.
The second possibility is that the craftsmen will be connected within the app so they can easily see what the others have done or what he or she should do next. This could be achieved by writing on the wall inside the app so the others can see it via the ar function.
Making use of the data directly in the working process, the tools itself could have access to the data and warn the user if a cable is in the wall right at the spot where I want to drill a hole.

Project Info

B.A. 7th Semester [2017], Invention Design — Prof. Jörg Beck
Hochschule für Gestaltung, Schwäbisch Gmünd

Project Team

Dominikus Frank
Robert Mayer

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Conceptional Thinking

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House ID

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