Bosch Internship

6 month internship at Bosch Power Tools
— User Experience department


The Bosch Power Tools company is one of the worlds biggest manufacturer and developer for power tools such as power drills, measurement tools but also lawn and garden devices.
I did my internship within the User Experience section of power tools. The small team consists of a leader, two designers and a few interns. It was great to see the real design work live for once and within a big company as well.
The focus of the team was to develop projects with other departments of Bosch Power Tools and assist them with the user centered design of products and services in the early development. Therefore we used a lot of methods out of design thinking and user experience. We also did basic workshops with other departments about design thinking to spread the importance of strategic and well thought through design within the Bosch Power Tools company.
One of the most interesting parts for me was to be part of a whole project from the beginning to the point where we handed the project over for the next stage. It involved interviewing users and learning the importance of it, creating opportunity areas including top findings out of the user insights (design thinking) and rough prototyping with first tests within the company as well as with the users.
6 month at PT/MUX helped me to develop my personal design skills further and confirmed my leaning towards the strategic and methodical working processes as well as the shifting towards interaction design.

Internship Report [german]

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5th Semester [2016], Internship
Bosch PT/MUX

Enhanced Skills

Design Thinking
Testing, Prototyping
UX Design
Big Companies Knowlege :)


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