Care to go

A mobile cardiotocography device for women with a risky pregnancy.

User Group

In the first place Care To Go should help all pregnant women with a quite high risk of a problematic pregnancy. In this case the women should check on the baby a few times a month and therefore has to go to the hospital where the needed devices are.
According to a doctor in the Stauferklinikum (Hospital in Schwäbisch Gmünd) it would be most supporting if the pregnant women could check on her baby herself and only has to come to the hospital if a problem really occurs.


The two main measurements would be the heart rate of the child (red) and the labor force of the mother (petrol). The third one is the movement of the child which the mother recognises (black). This can give hints why the other two values could be higher as normal.

Placing sensors

The values are measured like a regular electrocardiography device would do. Two sensors, one at the top of the big belly and one at the very bottom. While placing them they will gently vibrate to give a feedback of the correct position.

Problems may appear

While checking on the measured values, one can see if there was a problem occurring.

Information and Contact

To get details about such an irregularity one can simply press the exclamation mark to get further details.
Its also possible to directly contact the doctor or just share the results with the father or a good friend.

Profile, Information, Messages

In the profile section the mother can change the doctor as well as the close contacts she wants to share her measurements with.
In the information section she can gather important information regarding pregnancy and irregularities they might occur. Also listed are information about the device and how to use it.
In the messages section she can see which data she shared with whom.

3rd Semester [2015], Interface Design — Ulrich Lang
Hochschule für Gestaltung, Schwäbisch Gmünd

Project Team

Dominikus Frank
Lea Bachmann
Lena Daur

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