Guess where...

You can easily enhance your sense of direction in an enjoyable way and in a friendly competitive environment.


To train your sense of direction you can choose between four different categories. Finding a place on the map, finding your own location on the map, pointing in the direction of a place or pointing towards north.


If you guess wrong on the map you will get a hint. Depending on the distance of your guess to the actual spot you are looking for you will get a smaller or larger area highlighted in which your target is.

Progress and Friends

You found your place? Then you will get points. The more wrong guesses the lower the points. In the progress section you can see your progress in the different categories. And in the friends section you can compare yourself to your friends.

Challenging a friend

Improving makes the most fun if you can do it with some friends. So if you want to challenge them, do it. In this mode one can define a place the other person has to find. After a few places the match is over and you’ll see who has the better orientation.

Example Guessing

This is how it could look like if you are searching for a place.

Project Infos

6th Semester [2016], Application Design — Per Liljeqvist
Lund University

Project Team

Dominikus Frank

Enhanced Skills

Conceptional thinking
User center design
Working alone

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Smart House Documentation

Bosch Powertools

Internship - UX Departement


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