Intention with us

.iwu is a student collective to work on projects with a social and ecological focus beyond the University.

As a team of twelve students we built up the foundation of .iwu together with the founder Robin Weidner and Jonas Voigt.
We wanted to create a space where students can come and work on projects without the boundaries of courses in school. The main goal is to find partners to work on your own idea or join a team to work on another.
Not only it is a coming together to work with each other but also it gives the opportunity to share knowledge.


Mitfahrscheibe (Take a ride Card) is one of the projects we developed within .iwu.
Check out this car sharing method where you can easily let the others know where you want to go or where you are heading by writing it on a card and leave it in you car while parking or driving.

Project Infos

3rd and 4th Semester [2015/2016], Free Time

Project Team

Dominikus Frank
Robin Weidner
Jonas Voigt
and 9 others

Enhanced Skills

Conceptional Thinking
Social skills
System construction

Guess where...

Improve your sense of direction

House ID

Smart House Documentation

Bosch Powertools

Internship - UX Departement